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“jfGi simplifies and demystifies receiving Bitcoin payments for anyone, anywhere on any internet connected device in the world with just one click. It really is a case of clicking on an easy to remember jfGi.cc link and you’ll be transacting on the Bitcoin blockchain.” – Rafiq PhillipsTED Fellow & founder of jfGi.

jfGi 👐 Media Mentions


  • Disrupt Africa – Cape Town’s jfGi launches to simplify cryptocurrencies. Cape Town-based startup jfGi has launched operations in a bid to simplify the process of transferring bitcoin and getting involved in cryptocurrencies.
  • ITWeb Africa – Do Africa’s cryptocurrency investors need a reality check?
  • Coin Insider – New African blockchain startup makes remembering your Bitcoin address easier. While hard-core Bitcoin enthusiasts might keep their public address etched on their cerebellum, the rest of us might struggle to remember one – or several – Bitcoin addresses. Thankfully, a new African startup – jfGi, or just for Getting it – is here to help.
  • CoinBeatAfrican Blockchain Startup makes Bitcoin transactions as Easy as 1,2,3. Your crypto address just got easy to remember and share thanks to jfGi

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For more information follow @jfGI on Twitter or contact Rafiq Phillips on +27 (0)72 399 9888, email contact@jfgi.cc.

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The ‘jfGi 💯’ testimonials

I believe that JFGI.cc ( twitter @jfGi) in its simplest form is an execution of the title of the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

@jfGi offers users a way to link a mobile telephone number or a twitter handle to a bitcoin address. In a few simple steps an individual can be connected to the millions of wallets in the bitcoin network. The user can now give out his jfgi.cc/username to receive payments/donations, a far simpler process than providing a public wallet address.
Henry Dekoeyer Medium.com

It's jfGi BTW

Claim your free Twitter-linked jfGi👐 Short Bitcoin address in 1 easy step:

  1. Send a Direct Message (DM) with your public BTC addresses that you wish to receive Bitcoin payments at here  Please hodl while the @jfGi Bitcoin Chatbot securely links your Twitter username to your public BTC address and responds with your new jfGi link via DM eg: https://jfgi.cc/jfgi.

*optional* Upgrade to the Personal URL Service or find out how to save when you pre-order the Instant & Easy Bitcoin Address Shortener WordPress Plugin for your WordPress site before it is released to the public.

jfGi.cc logoThe jfGi logo 👐 is an emoji

The jfGi logo is the Open Hands Emoji 👐 meaning: two open hands, representing openness. We chose this emoji as the logo as the core principle of jfGi is to easily and openly share your public Bitcoin address. Using 👐 as our logo also makes it possible to render on any mobile, tablet or desktop computer. [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons. Read about the origin of jfGi.cc here.