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👐 Fundraising via Bitcoin Use Cases✌️

just for Giving it – How to Give Easily with Bitcoin Fundraising & jfGi

Bitcoin Fundraising Use Cases. These are examples of organisations, schools & individuals that are fundraising with Bitcoin using @jfGi to make the donation process more efficient. @jfGi can be used easily & freely for Bitcoin fundraising. Donations are sent directly to the receiving cause’s Bitcoin wallet with zero fees except the normal transaction fees of the Bitcoin blockchain.

The Ride for Charity

Ian Stevens of Italy, will depart on a the ride of a lifetime via bicycle, on August 1st, 2018. Entering and exiting 10 countries, Ian is raising money and Bitcoin for the Round Table Children’s Wish as well as trying to find a kidney for a young man in the United States. Donate BTC and find out more about The Ride for Charity here.

Islamic Text Institute

The IslamicText Institute in Cape Town provides free education on traditional Islamic texts to 100’s of students every month. Donate BTC and find out more about the Islamic Text Institute here.

Animal Neotropical

Founded on 01.12.1999 in Spain as a non-profit association. They’re tasked with Investigation, documentation and protection of nature, animal-life and environment of Neotropical zone.(South-, Central-america and Carib). Since the year 2001 all endangered species, wherever they are worldwide – are included. Donate Bitcoin and find out more about Animal Neotropical here.

The us-Sunnah Foundation

The us-Sunnah Foundation was founded and registered in 2014 with a mission to establish permanent sources of recurring aid for the needy as well as develop long-term plans through the construction of charity centers and orphanages that are self-sufficient and self-sustained to not only offer immediate aid but to work directly in local communities for their betterment through education, job training, youth programs, outreach and more. Donate Bitcoin to the us-Sunnah Foundation and find out more here

Want to start fundraising via Bitcoin? Simply contact jfGi here.