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Turn your Wordpress site into a branded bitcoin payment address shortening service that is quick and easy to setup without the need for any additional plugins, no additional fees and no 3rd party payment gateways. Peer-to-Peer as Satoshi intended. Receive Instant Bitcoin Payments with just 1 click on desktop & mobile. Example: Sale ends when the plugin officially launches. Pre-order now to save 50%+

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Introducing the Bitcoin Payment Address Shortener WordPress Plugin

You’ve come to know the free @jfGi Twitter-linked Bitcoin Address service that links your Twitter username to your public Bitcoin address. jfGi transforms a very long and complicated Bitcoin address into an easy to remember URL, turning receiving bitcoin payments into one click that is hassle free and easy. You no longer need to remember a long string of up to 35 characters that resembles intricate code, trying to copy and paste on the run – Just share your jfGi-enabled URL, when the receiver clicks on it where ever it was shared like in an invoice, email, social media or messaging apps like WhatsApp & Telegram. Once they click your jfGi Bitcoin Address Shortened URL they’ll be able to pay you, in seconds, with just one tap. jfGi auto-loads their mobile or desktop Bitcoin wallet with your BTC address already entered into the send field. You’re good as paid. Payments are sent directly to the public BTC address of your choice. There is no need for additional WordPress ecommerce or Bitcoin plugins, no gateway 3rd-party wallets and no additional fees.

After, @jfGi founder, Rafiq Phillips introduced the jfGi idea, to hosts Thomas @MadBitcoins and Max Hillebrand of The Bitcoin Talk Show, on World Crypto Network where they provided constructive criticism and improvement suggestions.

It was this conversation that inspired the Bitcoin Payments Address Shortener WordPress Plugin

You can now become the custodian of not only your public deposit BTC address but also the link, on your own WordPress domain. You are in full control of security. Download the free plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. The premium plugin will allow you to create for yourself, a jfGi-enabled link to receive BTC deposit payments on your own domain name, in 1 click, on any mobile or desktop device. You will be able to control where you want desktop browsers and non-supported devices to be directed to.

Download the free plugin here.

The top 16 jfGi Bitcoin Payment Address Shortener WordPress Plugin features:

  1. Receive Bitcoin payments directly into any of your own BTC wallet (Paper, Hardware, Mobile, Desktop or Exchange).
  2. It’s peer-to-peer. No third-party payment gateway or third-party bitcoin wallet required.
  3. Works without the need for additional ecommerce or 3rd party bitcoin plugins or accounts.
  4. Easy installation and configuration. Set it and just forGet it.
  5. Never forget your Bitcoin address again, simply click your domain.url/btc link to get paid in Bitcoin.
  6. Easily share your a jfGi URL that is linked directly to your public Bitcoin deposit address which you can change as frequently as possible.
  7. Turn your WordPress site into a Bitcoin Mobile Deposit & Payment Gateway to instantly accept BTC with a single click or tap. Example: domain.url/jfgi
  8. Keep your own jfGi URLs and addresses safe and secure in the same way you protect your WordPress website.
  9. Create multiple mobile bitcoin payment URLs for you, your publishers and/or readers to each receive bitcoin payments to their own public BTC receive addresses. Example domain.url/satoshi, domain.url/leah, domain.url/max, domain.url/desantis, domain.url/thomas, domain.url/tone, domain.url/andreas *
  10. Create easy to remember bitcoin payment links for your hardware wallets or the exchanges you frequently transfer BTC to. Example domain.url/trezor, domain.url/coinbase, domain.url/lunomoney *
  11. Update and change your public Bitcoin deposit addresses as frequently as you like from the Instant & Easy Bitcoin WordPress Plugin Admin panel while your jfGi-URL remains the same.
  12. Never forget your Bitcoin address again, simply click your domain.url/btc link on mobile or desktop.
  13. See when and the locations of where users have clicked on your jfGi URLs with comprehensive click logs.
  14. Control the destination URLs desktop & non-supported mobile devices are directed to.*
  15. Use your XPUB eXtended Public Key so that your jfGi-enabled URL’s Public Bitcoin address automatically changes for increased privacy & ease of use.*
  16. Short-codes enable you generate your own QR code on any post, page or sidebar widget*.

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